An Apology

We would like to take this moment to say that we are deeply sorry for making Kozy Shack Pudding so absurdly delicious.

We had originally planned on making Kozy Shack Pudding just very delicious. Instead we made it absurdly delicious, and for that we apologize. We had no idea that it would create such a buying frenzy, leading to a pudding shortage.

Until we can make some more, we ask those whose last names begin with A through M to buy Kozy Shack Pudding on odd days. Those whose last names begin with N through Z, please buy Kozy Shack Pudding on even days. Kozy Shack Logo

Again, please accept our sincere apologies.

Signature of Martin Abrams Martin Abrams Marketing Director of Kozy Shack


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Current buying frenzy causing pudding shortage. Please, no hoarding.



Made with simple ingredients. Taste the pudding that’s so delicious, it’s absurd.


Both absurdly delicious and absurdly easy to make. Just flip the cup upside down.


Kozy Shack has grown from a neighborhood favorite to the #1 producer of rice and tapioca pudding in the US and Canada. But our love for pudding has been around since the beginning of time.

  • The-wheel-3500-BCE
    3500 BCE
    Tapioca lovers invented
    the wheel to make pudding
    transportation easier.
  • Renaissance-1450
    Artists, writers and musicians
    found great creative inspiration
    in pudding, sparking the period
    we know as the Renaissance.
  • Tea-party-1774
    Just months after the Tea Party, Bostonians threw another party,
    this one involved pudding. But none
    was thrown into the bay, because pudding should not be wasted.
  • Lincoln-1861
    Abraham Lincoln began wearing a stovepipe hat as a place to store his tapioca pudding.
  • Irving-Berlin-1921
    Irving Berlin wrote an ode to his favorite snack, “Puddin’ on the Ritz.”
  • Cozy-shack-1967
    Bread deliveryman Vincent Gruppuso decides Cozy Shack Deli rice pudding is the best thing since sliced bread. Buys the recipe.
  • The-moon-1969
    They say the moon is made of cheese. Maybe Neil Armstrong would have gotten there faster if it were made of pudding.
  • Berlin-wall-1989
    Feeling the pudding love from a
    cup of Kozy Shack® Rice Pudding,
    Gorbachev decided to tear down that wall.
  • Same-recipe-1995
    Kozy Shack did absolutely nothing. That is, we did nothing to our rice and tapioca pudding. It’s been
    made the same way since 1967.
  • Times-review-2006
    The New York Times named
    Kozy Shack a “supermarket gem.” Pudding lovers rushed to their refrigerated sections.
  • Yeah-science-2012
    After discovering two new particles, the team behind the Large Hadron Collider turned its focus on isolating the atom that makes pudding
    so delicious.
  • Simply-well-2013
    Kozy Shack® Simply Well® Pudding launched. Calorie Counters were waiting, spoon in hand.
  • French-Vanilla-2013
    Kozy Shack introduced French Vanilla pudding. It's not really from France, but American Vanilla doesn't really have the same ring to it.
  • Introducing-Grandma-2014
    We hired an Official Grandma to keep us in line and ensure we continue to make our pudding the right way, with simple, real ingredients.